Boarding and Care

Before you leave your friends to stay with us we want to highlight some of the important information that you should know for the safety and comfort of your friend as well as our other guests.



Preliminary interview: You may have questions and/or topics to talk about before you leave your friend with us. You can always reach us by phone to get information about pre-boarding and boarding procedures. Moreover, you can make an appointment to visit our house, see the environment and talk in person. This is always helpful for both parties as you can also provide detailed information about your friend so we know more about how to fulfill their needs or find out if there are any issues that may be a reason to deny the boarding for the safety of other guests (Missing vaccination, missing vaccination certificate etc).

Boarding conditions: We want all our guests to remain healthy and unfortunately we cannot admit any guest to Shina Pet Hotel that is not up-to-date with their vaccinations. On arrival we will require evidence that your adult friend has been vaccinated for rabies, internal and external parasites, bronchine and your puppy friend has been vaccinated for coronavirus (CDC) besides the pre-mentioned vaccinations. Make sure that your female friend is neutered or not on her period. If your friend needs medication for their non-infectious chronic problems, these medications should be provided by their families.


Make sure you have your friend's vaccination certificate with you.  

Daily activities and Care

Our guests enjoy their time in our large green garden with two exercise periods a day. Once their exercise period is over, they are brushed and cleaned and ready to rest in their room with their friends.

Our trainer supervises our guests during their outdoor time. Outdoor times are 2 hour periods twice a day where they socialize with other guests, learn proper behaviors and develop themselves. Learning proper behaviors not only maintains a peaceful environment at our hotel but also helps you to stay away from undesired behaviors at home.

We care about your friend’s nutrition as much as you do. We provide only the highest quality pet food to our guests in the day care which is a complete natural hypoallergenic dry food that provides a fully balanced diet. It comes in a range of flavor varieties which are rotated throughout a guests stay to ensure maximum anticipation and enjoyment of feeding time. We are also happy to maintain preferred feeding regimes. With this service families are required to bring their friend’s food with them.

You may also benefit from our paid grooming, bath and chauffeur service. Please ask for details.


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Cankaya - Ankara
Tel:  +90 (542) 437 14 00


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